NINA-W10 series (open CPU)

Stand-alone multiradio modules The smallest industrial Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth modules Wi‑Fi 802.11b/g/n Dual‑mode Bluetooth v4.2 Powerful open CPU support for customized applications Small footprint and multiple antenna options Pin compatible with other NINA modules Global certification Product variants NINA-W101 NINA-W102 Antenna Antenna pin ✓ – Internal antenna – ✓ Short range features Bluetooth qualification v4.2 … Read more NINA-W10 series (open CPU)

MPCI-L2 series

Multi-mode LTE Cat 4 Mini PCIe modules with HSPA+ and/or 2G fallback   TOBY‑L2 in MPCI form factor Powerful LTE modules in industry‑standard Mini PCIe package Highest throughput of up to 150 Mb/s with LTE Cat 4 Variants for America and Europe/Asia Deliver critical firmware updates over the air Industrial temperature range –40 to +85 … Read more MPCI-L2 series


NB-IoT Module WNB301H Compact-sized Multi-band NB-IoT Module With Ultra-low Power Consumption   Where to buy: Online Store Features: NB-IoT Support B1, B3, B5, B8, B20, B28 AT Commands Extended Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C Ultra-Low Power Consumption Difference: The difference the iFrogLab NB-IOT WNB301H and WNB303R module are that. #. WNB303R is able to adjust … Read more NBIoT EVB Board

iWB-4343W Combo module Wi-Fi +BT with ATCommand

iForglab  IoT Combo module with AT-Command Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4GHz) + Bluetooth 4.1 (Dual Mode – Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy) Overview Make by Taiwan WiFi + BLE + MCU integrated module Wi-Fi+BLE+MCU module combines an advanced Cypress’s combo 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth® 4.1 SoC, together with 8Mb of SPI Serial Flash and an … Read more iWB-4343W Combo module Wi-Fi +BT with ATCommand

01 iFrogLab F-60 BLE sample Code

Introduction Made in Taiwan iFrog Lab Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module F-60 UART BLE-Nordic nRF51822 Bluetooth 4.0 module (Single Mode) Ultra low power consumption Supports Apple iOS / Android Bluetooth 4.0 and provides sample programs BLE-Nordic nRF51822 Bluetooth module configuration 256KB space, follow the V4.1 BLE Bluetooth specification. Use the latest version of Nordic Softdevice S110 … Read more 01 iFrogLab F-60 BLE sample Code