Cellular chips and modules

We offer high quality, scalable, and secure cellular modules for the automotive, industrial, and consumer markets with demanding size, cost, and quality requirements. Supported cellular technologies provide global geographic coverage and include 2G, 3G, NB IoT, LTE‑M, LTE Cat 1 and 4G LTE modules.

Our LTE Cat 1, LTE‑M, and NB‑IoT modules are designed to support a wide range of IoT applications requiring medium to very low data rates. This includes a broad spectrum of applications covering speeds high enough for voice and video streaming, as well as those that need optimized performance for ultra low power consumption and extended in‑building range.

Our high speed 4G LTE modules meet the needs of applications requiring high data rates, such as for HD video transmission and infotainment solutions. We also offer cellular modules in automotive grade, as well as ATEX‑certified modules for applications that are used in potentially hazardous environments.