iFrgoLab Wifi module TC3200-S1(Antenna)


  • Make by Taiwan
  • CPU Core: ARM Cortex-M4
  • Industry’s lowest power consumption (for battery-powered devices), low-power RF and advanced low-power modes.
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Chip
  • Key Wi-Fi Features:  802.11b/g/n
    STA, AP, & Wi-Fi Direct Mode
    SmartConfig, AP & WPS Provisioning
  • Throughput (Max) (Mbps) :  16 (UDP) / 13 (TCP)  
  • Large data transmission stability is more than  ESP8266
  • provide many sample code that will easy to implement your project
  • Can be regarded as Wifi AP and Wifi Client, both the host and the client can be switched.。
  • Can directly transmit TCP protocol and can reach the maximum 13Mbps.
  • High-level safety protection Security : AES, DES and 3 DES  SHA2 and MD5
    CRD and checksum
  • The Chip Antenna antenna has been added on the board side,  It is more convenient to use!\

Technical documents

Detailed module technical documentation, please download TC3200-S specification (v11)


Order contact windows: support@looptek.com